Beauty Review: Jonsson Protein Alopecia Areata Treatment

Perhaps it started off with just a small bald patch on top of your head. Then, much to your horror, it soon expanded into bigger conjoining patches. Such is the reality for many facing the enigma of alopecia areata, a condition causing unexpected bald spots. But what exactly is alopecia areata? In this blog, Jonsson Protein reviews this perplexing condition and uncovers how best to stop the condition from spreading and restore your luscious locks.

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata, often identified by the unnerving bald spot on top of the head, is a condition where individuals experience sudden hair loss. Unlike the uniform thinning observed in regular baldness, this condition exhibits distinct smooth, circular patches devoid of hair. And as if a surprise bald spot wasn’t distressing enough, some may also experience changes to their nails or eye irritation if the balding occurs in other parts of the body, such as the eyelashes or eyebrows.

But what’s behind this abrupt hair disappearance act? This phenomenon is actually a result of a mistaken immune system attack. Both genders face it equally, and while the condition plays no favourites with race or ethnicity, teens and individuals in their twenties and thirties are often the prime targets. For younger individuals who are at the age of seeking external validation, being plagued by this condition can be particularly distressing and embarrassing.

While a definitive cure for alopecia areata remains elusive, there are available treatments in Singapore that could either decelerate subsequent hair shedding or expedite hair regrowth.

Treatments for Alopecia Areata

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are the go-to for many individuals in Singapore who experience mild alopecia, with the injections administered directly onto the bald spot on top of your head. However, this treatment requires a revisit every month or two to observe results, and it does not stop hair loss from occurring.


Cortisone tablets and oral immunosuppressants may also be an option if you suffer from extensive alopecia to inhibit the immune system’s activity. That said, it’s essential to first consult a doctor due to the potential side effects of taking such medication. For instance, prolonged use may result in elevated blood pressure, potentially harming your kidneys. Besides this, you may also be at a greater risk of getting a cancer variant known as lymphoma.

Hair Transplant

As you explore your options, receiving a hair transplant treatment in Singapore might also come to mind. However, as alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that targets your hair follicles, there is no reliable donor region for your transplant. As such, there is a chance that you could also lose your newly transplanted hair like the original strand.

At this point, you may wonder what other options you have to alleviate alopecia areata effectively. Another possible solution is to seek a scalp review with Jonsson Protein.

Scalp Reviews with Jonsson Protein

Committed to addressing the root cause of hair loss concerns, Jonsson Protein’s beauty advisors in Singapore will thoroughly review your scalp condition before tailoring your treatment plan. This hair loss treatment will incorporate a premium hydrolysed protein extracted using advanced technology. With a smaller molecule size, they are more easily absorbed by the hair to nourish your scalp, clean the follicles, rebalance scalp pH, and promote hair growth more effectively.

Continuous adjustment is key. As such, our experts will periodically review your condition, adjusting treatments accordingly to ensure the best results, as attested to by the many enthusiastic reviews shared by customers.

As a cherry on top, Jonsson Protein’s hair loss solutions are entirely non-invasive. This translates to a pain-free experience with zero downtime or the usual side effects associated with medications or surgical interventions. Curious to learn more about how Jonsson Protein can help with your condition? Book an appointment with us online or visit your nearest outlet today.