Beauty Review: Jonsson Protein’s Remedy for Premature Grey Hair

Greying hair is an inevitable part of ageing. However, while spotting a silver strand in your late 40s is nothing out of the ordinary, finding them in your 20s or early 30s when it is least expected, can be alarming. Unfortunately, statistics have also proven that Asians generally start showing signs of white hair in their late 30s, and more individuals are observing grey hair at an early age. But what causes premature white hair?

What Causes White Hair at an Early Age?

Genetics is often one of the main causes of grey hair. Simply put, if your folks began to grey early, you’ve likely inherited the baton. But genes aside, there are several culprits that can push this process into overdrive and result in premature greying:

1. Autoimmune Illnesses

Some autoimmune disorders see our body’s defence system going rogue, mistaking our healthy cells for invaders. For instance, conditions like thyroid disease and vitiligo can hamper melanin production, causing the hair to lose its pigment.

Similarly, a vitamin B12 deficiency can also result in pernicious anaemia, which triggers premature greying by reducing oxygen flow to hair cells. As such, if grey doesn’t run in your family and you’re spotting those silvery strands, it might be worth a chat with a professional.

2. Medications

Some antimalarial drugs, like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, have been identified as potential factors affecting our hair colour. Fortunately, any changes are typically reversible once the drugs are flushed out from your body.

3. Smoking

Another cause of greying hair is smoking. This habit triggers oxidative stress throughout your body, leading to a wave of free radicals that can target the pigment-producing cells responsible for your hair colour, resulting in premature grey hair.

4. Stress

Ever noticed how individuals in high-pressure roles seem to develop white hair early? At its core, this situation is attributed to cortisol, a stress hormone. When the body experiences heightened stress, what it does is cause the melanocyte stem cells to migrate away from the hair follicles. When all stem cells are depleted, there’s no production of new pigment cells. Consequently, any new hair turns grey and eventually white.

Addressing Premature Greying: Is Hair Dye the Way to Go?

With its immediate impact on our physical appearance, a knee-jerk response to your premature grey hair may be to reach for a bottle of hair dye sold at your nearest pharmacy in Singapore. Offering a quick fix that magically reverts those greys into glossy blacks or browns, hair dyes seem like the perfect antidote you need. But is it the wisest choice? Not necessarily, especially in the long run.

Let’s break it down: When you use permanent or semi-permanent dyes or even bleach, you trigger a chemical reaction. This reaction compromises the natural protective proteins in your hair, allowing foreign chemicals to infiltrate each strand. Over time, as you repeat this treatment, the cumulative effects can be alarming. Through reviews of our clients, Jonsson Protein identified several common side effects, including:

  • Diminished hair strength
  • Reduced resilience against heat styling
  • A rougher hair texture

Moreover, if you already grapple with fragile or thinning hair, frequent dyeing can exacerbate these issues, making your hair even more susceptible to breakage and hair loss. Effectively addressing premature greying requires a more nuanced approach that targets its root cause, and this is where scalp reviews and treatments offered by salons in Singapore, like Jonsson Protein, shine.

Reviews of Jonsson Protein’s Remedy for Grey Hair

At Jonsson Protein, our team in Singapore will review the cause behind your premature greying before curating remedies tailored to your specific condition. This first begins with a one-on-one consultation to understand your lifestyle habits alongside a computerised scan of your scalp to review its condition thoroughly.

Based on the information gathered, a tailored grey hair remedy, deeply rooted in scientific principles, is devised. Notably, these treatments will incorporate proteins hydrolysed into smaller molecules, ensuring it’s easily absorbed by your scalp and paving the way for robust hair growth.

Adding to this is the treatment’s cleansing capability, which diligently unclogs hair follicles, ensuring vital nutrients effectively reach the hair’s core to stimulate melanin production. With this comprehensive strategy, Jonsson Protein not only promotes the return of naturally black hair from the roots but also assists you in addressing or warding off issues like hair loss.

More than just a one-off fix, we continue to review and adjust your treatments along the way, ensuring you consistently maintain the health of your hair from the inside out. After all, your hair deserves more than just a superficial solution. If you’re truly committed to waving goodbye to those pesky premature greys, drop by and let our dedicated experts at Jonsson Protein review your condition today!